Things like this…

… make all the suffering worthwhile. Copied from an e-mail received this morning:


I have received and reviewed your interim 03-1 graduation report, and
find that, pending successful completion of your 03-1 courses, your
CMNS Major will be complete.

I have passed my findings along to the Dean of Applied Sciences office.

Convocation for CMNS grads will occur on the afternoon of Thurs. 5 June 2003.


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6 thoughts on “Things like this…

  1. Donna

    yay! I will not drink, but I will come and watch all of you get drunk and try to take advantage of pretty drunk women. 😉

  2. Jen

    I’ll put up info about the ceremony date/time/location etc. when i know all the details. I’ll also be holding a giant pissup sometime between may 1 and june 5, so watch for details about that too (if you’ve ever met me in person, you will be invited).

  3. Jen

    funny… i’m about to be a university graduate, and i put up a title spelt wrong (it previously said “thing like this”). duh.

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