Retail Hell

Now I know that retail isn’t the most forgiving job out there – heck, I’ve done it – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, somebody’s gotta be there to service me when I need to spend my hard earned money.

But there are just some people out there, who have obviously made a career of doing low-end retail sales because they’re just not smart enough to do anything else. I hate running into those people on a shopping excursion.


Yesterday I found myself wandering through Metrotown waiting for a movie to start (Old School; not movie of the year, but worth the price of Admission – on a Tuesday – if you’re a Vince Vaughan fan) and I decided to pop into the discount fragrance place to see what they were selling my favorite fragrance du jour (Chanel Chance) for.

I walked into the store, and the chick rambled off all the great deals they had at about a million words a minute. I didn’t catch any of it. So I asked her “Do you carry Chanel Chance, and if so, how much is it?” She starts in with “You don’t wanna buy that, it’s crap, blah blah blah, try this instead… ” and proceeds to accost me with some Kenneth Cole teenybopper fragrance. The shit just reeks – not unlike Exclamat!on and Tribe that we all wore but won’t admit to it. So I stink like crap, and the girl still absolutely refuses to tell me how much the fragrance I want costs. I’ve tried the damn fragrance on already – I know I like and want it, just give it to me for fuck’s sake.

Now to those of you who have worked in sales in any capacity – if someone wants to buy a product from you, wouldn’t you bloody well sell it to them? I think I’m gonna go dig up my bottle of Tribe and spray her with it next time I’m in the damn mall.

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3 thoughts on “Retail Hell

  1. Donna

    Forget perfume, baby. Mace, all the way.

    I hate it when people won’t let me buy things from them. I HAVE MONEY LET ME STUFF IT IN YOUR FACE!

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